Environmentally friendly


  • Minimum fare up to 1 km - 35 UAH (during the day) 45 UAH (at night)
  • Each subsequent - 7 UAH (during the day) 8 UAH (at night)
  • Outside the city 11 UAH / km (during the day) 11 UAH / km (at night)
  • Simple 1.5 UAH per minute, starting from 5

Payment: Non-cash, Cash, Payment by card, Payment via the Internet.

Approximate taxi fares to the nearest settlements

Svyatogorsk - Railway station From 60 UAH
Svyatogorsk - Mother of God From 60 UAH
Svyatogorsk - Drobyshevo From 180 UAH
Svyatogorsk - Scars From 230 UAH
Svyatogorsk - Slavyansk From 280 UAH
Svyatogorsk - Studenok From 200 UAH
Svyatogorsk - Tatianovka From 50 UAH
Svyatogorsk - Yarovayaa From 50 UAH

Sightseeing trips

  • sightseeing trips.
  • individual and group trips.
  • service of weddings, anniversaries, celebrations.
  • meeting of delegations, guests at auto / railway stations.
  • transport support for concerts, conferences, forums, etc.

Passenger transportation tariffs

around the city 250 UAH / hour
outside the city 13 UAH / km

Order a bus by phone.
Ecotaxi service: 066-300-00-20,
Excursions: 095-642-13-13.

EcoTaxi in SVYATOGORSK is the first electric taxi in Donetsk region!

We are for the preservation of the environment, this is especially important for our city, since our region has always been considered a health resort of Ukraine.

But besides environmental friendliness, we provide taxi services of the highest level and comfort.

Book a taxi today and you will become our regular customers.

In Svyatogorsk, a project for a city service for ordering an eco-friendly taxi starts. The entire civilized world has been stubbornly changing to electric cars for several years. And these are no longer the headlines of newspapers, not actions, but the methodical and conscious introduction of "green" technologies at the household level. And this is the case when, along with taking care of your own environment, taking care of your own wallet also works. Because electric transport is not only a significant reduction in harmful emissions into the air we breathe, but also real savings on the purchase of gasoline and lubricants, as well as elimination of the consequences of their use.

For the first time in Svyatogorsk, you can order an eco-taxi and start a new, responsible and rational life according to the standards of civilized countries. A fleet of vehicles has been launched in Svyatogorsk, which is 100% electric vehicles. The company's cars are equipped with a reinforced set of airbags, including side airbags, air conditioning, full power accessories and multimedia monitors.

You can order an eco-taxi in Svyatogorsk online and by phone. There is a car rental service with a driver, an eco-transport service also delivers pizza and other food to residents of Svyatogorsk from the best restaurants in the city.